HAPPY KIDS KINDERGARTEN   This is an example of our day. Indoor and Outdoor times vary depending on the time of year         7.30 - Ar

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Happy Kids Kindergarten - Staff • The centre has employed staff with a wide range of qualifications, experience and expertise. • All staff at Happy Kids Kindergarten access current information

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About Us

Happy Kids Kindergarten Lane Cove is a long day care centre which has been operating since 1987 and provides quality care for children aged 2-6 years. The staff at Happy Kids Kindergarten, provide an

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Department to help with child care.
Help and Guidance with raising children
Information relating to children, childcare, resources etc.
Childcare Tax Rebate and Childcare Benefit Payments
Information relating to Family Day Care
Sudden Infant Death Syndrom ("SIDS") Information and Support centre
NSW Commission for children and Young People.
Official Site for colgate, dental hygiene
Information on Health and Wellbeing
Australian Institute of Family Studies
Parenting information from Community Services
National Accreditation Council- Information relating to accreditation process within childcare centres
Information and fact sheets. Eg. Swine Flu) Vaccinations etc.
Issues and information relating to children, childcare, etc.
Information and fact sheets relating to Healthy Eating Ideas